Search Policy

Searching of customers is a key tool in ensuring that Junk operates best practice and upholds the licensing objectives of prevention of crime and disorder. Staff are also aware that searching of people and their property is a sensitive issue and must be handled properly. We display this policy openly in our venue.

It is essential that all searching is carried out thoroughly, appropriately and with integrity and fairness.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable time when visiting Junk Club, patrons, including promoters, artists, guests and staff should expect to be searched. Junk operate a zero-tolerance policy to drugs and weapons and reserves the right to search any customer in order to ensure that no items of this nature are carried into or remain on the premises.

Searching of customers is carried out on a risk assessment basis. It is the responsibility of the Door Team, supported by the Head Doorman and Junk Management, to ensure that this is carried out properly. In addition, all staff receive training in the operational practices and procedures around reporting incidents or concerns.

Searching is part of the security function and may require specific authorisation by the Security Industry Authority. If a customer is searched on entry or whilst on the premises this should be conducted with the full co-operation of the customer, with at least two persons being present.

Signs will be displayed regarding the search policy so that customers are aware of it. These signs should point out that entry will be refused for non-compliance.
If a customer refuses to be searched and their behavior is suspicious such that it is believed that could be breaking the law, e.g. carrying a weapon, then consideration should be given to requesting police assistance or attention and detaining the customer. If it is not possible to detain the person, a note will be kept of all observations including their appearance and direction of travel.

If any suspicious items are found, the police should be informed and the items secured. Items should be kept in view of all parties at all times until sealed in a tamper-proof evidence bag, placed in the safe / drugs box and all information has been recorded in the incident log and attached to the tamper-proof bag.

Queue Management
When a queue forms at our premises, staff monitoring the queue will provide verbal and visual reminders to encourage restraint from customers in the queue, to ensure that noise from customers is kept to an absolute minimum, particularly at the areas near access to residential properties.

SIA Female Door Staff
We will at all times ensure that a female SIA door staff member is included on the staff rota when both floors of the premises are trading. Should there be an emergency preventing the rostered female SIA door person attending the venue we will record the reason in the incident log for the premises.

The Search Procedures
Upon reaching the venue entrance patrons will approach the search areas where they will be asked to empty their pockets / bags at the discretion of the doormen, based upon experienced risk assessment and judgment. Patrons will then be patted down and if the search procedure is concluded to the satisfaction of the door staff, then they will be allowed in the venue.

If drugs are found;
In the event that staff find persons in possession of drugs, or suspicious items, the items will be confiscated and put into sealed drugs bags which will be signed and dated, witnessed by the DPS or duty manager and handed over to the police in accordance with police requirements notified to us. Staff will then comply with the protocol agreed with the police concerning notification of the police in such circumstances.

If weapons are found;
In the event that weapons of any description are found the item will be confiscated, the persons caught in possession will be detained wherever possible, and the police will be called. If non-illegal prohibited items are found;
In the event that prohibited items are found during our searches the items will be confiscated and later disposed of. Entry will be granted to the person at the discretion of the Head doorman / DPS.

Examples of prohibited items;
No drinks whatsoever whether in glass or plastic containers.
No knives, sharps or anything deemed useable as a weapon.
No drugs or suspicious substances.