Review: We Surrender to Skream

Last Saturday night saw the hugely anticipated return of Oliver Jones, AKA Croydon-born and legend of the scene, Skream. When you near the entrance to Junk on a night out, the revellers are typically full of excitement for a night out at one of the South’s leading underground clubbing establishments, but on entering the vicinity of Junk at the weekend, it was immediately apparent that something wholly different was going down. Skream was in town, the queue was massive, the music was in full flow and on top of all that it was a capacity sell-out. The atmosphere was electric and everyone knew this was going to be one to remember.

When I say the dancefloor was packed all night, it was packed ALL NIGHT – and that’s where you see Junk at its best. Long-term resident Luca Pilato’s acclaimed blend of disco, house & techno saw the night set off in epic fashion, kickstarting a party oozing with euphoria, techy beats and pure musical joy that would be bumping long into the early hours of Sunday. Even though Luca has played before Skream a number of times, it takes a huge amount of talent to play a set that really compliments the tunes that were yet to come. The hug between the two of them at the end really exemplifies the relationship between Junk and Skream – this is a partnership, and it’s only going to get bigger and better.


As the clock ticked past 12:30, the figure of the Of Unsound Mind head honcho made his way up to the decks. What would follow was a legendary 4 hour set that drew on his influences, roots and what he’s repping right now, including a few cuts from his label that I mentioned above. It seems Eli Brown is a popular figure in the scene at the moment, with Skream drawing for the bassy floor-filler ‘You Got The Power’ and the equally mad ‘Tech This Out’, both of which have been absolutely melting dancefloors around the country recently. Skream kept up the barrage of hedonism with his own anthem – ‘You Know, Right?’ That tune will never fail to go off, and really shows why he’s one of the newly-established kings of the house genre. Talaboman’s (John Talabot & Axel Boman) ‘Losers Hymn’ provided one of the deepest & most thought-provoking moments of the night, before transitioning into a huge build up to his new remix of Leftfield’s ‘Open Up’, and boy was that a scene to behold.18342423_1576174499068886_7315785876251248320_n

It’s a testament to Skream’s set that I’ve found it hard to put into words; the man is truly a magician. Nights like this show you why Junk is really one of a kind. Catch us next week with the ridiculously fun Artwork on Friday, and a Vacant Recordings takeover with Lauren Lo Sung on Saturday.

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Words by Cal Sorensen