Preview: Junk presents Artwork

Last time the legendary disco-don that is Artwork stepped up to the plate at Junk was March 3rd, and boy oh boy what a night that was. From his aesthetically beautiful and masterfully crafted living room, Art unleashed a set that encompassed and showcased the sounds of the last four decades. It was truly magical, seeing an experienced selector draw from the sounds of the late 80’s Chicago house scene, such as tunes from pioneers Frankie Knuckles and Derrick Carter, before subtly dipping into the record bag for a mid-90s disco cut. But it’s not just old-school you’ll be witnessing; you can expect to be treated to the very best of the modern era as well.


First and foremost, this night will take you on a journey. You can forget about exams, deadlines and stress and let the formidable team of Artwork and JUNK transport you to a world jam-packed with musical nostalgia and 80’s debauchery. Above all else, we’ve assembled the ingredients for a truly spectacular night – before you know it we’ll have you moving & grooving to that quintessential Junk sound.

As with the epic Skream night last Saturday, we’ve enlisted Artwork for an extra-special extended 4 hour set. It’s going to be huge, and on that point, you’ll see possibly the biggest anthem to ever grace Junk’s weighty soundsystem: Art’s epic ‘Let Go Of My Acid’, with its teasing build up and rolling acid bassline elevating you to the heightened planes of psychedelia. We’re extremely close to a complete sell out, so this Friday make sure you join us at the best party in the South. See you in the dance.

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